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Time:01:27 pm
Current Mood:crushedcrushed
I knew this will eventually happen, but my past from different fandoms, including Real life, has caught up with me. I have no choice but to turn this into a Friends-only journal. *sigh*

All fics, vids and the like for my different fandoms (SG-1, MX, Alias, Anime) will not be posted publicly. So umm...if you want to see my fanwork, you have to friend me. Just leave a comment or something.

Take note that if I know you from that particular fandom I'm hiding from, I won't friend you. Please try to understand. :(
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Current Music:A Perfect Circle -Weak and Powerless
Time:02:27 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
My arm hurts. I don't know why, but I guess it was because it was in only one position yesterday. Now it hurts like hell and it hurt so much I couldn't even sleep it off last night. Dammit.

I lost my internet connection yesterday, so I did nothing but make Mutant X screencaps all day long. I capped all the characters, including Brennan, so turps33, you might like this. ;)

Also had a talk with Dark Mirage and Falconia regarding the PureMX site, which still hasn't been up even now. I'm starting to get restless, I've got loads of ideas, but without the site, it will all seem like a huge waste of time. *sigh*

Oh, and that lawsuit Tribune had against Marvel? Might be the cause for Mutant X's season three to be the last. *sob*

Still waiting for Daniel Jackson on my mailbox *curses the Philippine post office* and for the microphone Dark Mirage sent me. I really want to watch season 3 already! *sob*

Watched a bevy of Syd/Vaughn vids that I downloaded from Visual47. Good God. The cheese, the cheese! But man, I loved it. I'm a sucker for het as long as it's based on friendship (Sam/Daniel, Jesse/Shalimar), or is already an established couple (Syd/Vaughn). So castalie, you're not alone in the Slashers Who Like Het Wall of Shame. ;)

Note to self: Do that sg1flashfic assignment already. Must write today. Stop coming up with plot ideas and scenery descriptions while doing something else, like in the middle of Homily during Church, or while shampooing.
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Current Music:Seki Tomokazu-Shindemo Ii
Time:12:12 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
On my way to the province to visit my grandparents in the cemetery. I'll be gone for 3 days. Cya all!
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Current Music:Chicane - Autumn Tactics
Subject:Fannish 5...
Time:09:59 am
Current Mood:dorky
Because everyone is doing it. *g*

1. Who is your favorite animated character? Why?

Oh my goodness. Saitou Hajime from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. A man who follows his own moral code and doesn't legitimize his actions or the decisions he makes. He also has this really cool sword stance that really makes me go *GAH* What's it's name again? Oh yeah. Gatotsu. Whoo!

2. Who is your favorite television character? Why?

I change favorite television characters from time to time, but Daniel Jackson was the only television character so far that was able to really move me, who challenges my beliefs system to the core and motivated me to look at my passions in life with wonder once again. Seriously. I encountered Daniel Jackson when I was a bit jaded by life. I stopped reading. I couldn't write a new poem. It took me forever to finish reading the new Christina Rossetti poetry collection that I bought. And right after I watched Torment of Tantalus, I was so bowled over by the insights that I learned, by the wonder in Daniel's eyes at something that seemed so unreal.

I ran to my poetry books and read poetry over and over and over again.

Instant defamiliarization. All by just one character on a television show. Who would have thought it was possible??

3. Who is your favorite (no longer in production) televison character? Why?

Hmm.....Irina Derevko from Alias. This woman's decisions, every move she makes are full of so many layers. And the way she plays the so-called master of game theory Jack Bristow like a fiddle!

4. Who is your favorite television ensemble cast? Why? (If you don't have
one/want to imagine the possibilities, assemble one and explain your choices
and the fandoms they are from).

The Stargate SG-1 cast. I didn't believe in the word "ensemble cast" until I watched this show. Alias also have a good ensemble cast, but I really can't bring myself to like Vaughn.

5. Who is your favorite movie character? Why?

Mario from Il Postino. I'd like to think that the power to weave words is within all of us, we just have to open ourselves to it. Mario is so ecstatic about poetry, so eager to learn, without frills. I was as happy as he when he built his own metaphor. *sigh*
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Current Music:Gerald de Palmas - J'reve Encore
Time:08:41 am
Current Mood:confusedconfused
*Looks up at what she wrote for "Listening to"* I can never get the spelling of that song's title right. *sigh*

Taken from the Ateneo De Manila Official Site:



The MA Literature degree is designed to provide high-level instruction in literary and cultural studies in order to produce graduates who are (1) knowledgeable in theory and skilled in its application, (2) capable of analyzing Third World literary and cultural issues critically, and (3) attuned to the issues in Philippine literary scholarship.

Fields of Specialization

Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
This program aims to provide the student with basic knowledge and skills in critical theory and cultural studies, as well as to inculcate a deeper understanding of the discourse of theory and cultural studies. The program is designed so that the student does not only know about theory and cultural studies, but also have opportunities to practice and apply these theories.

Literary Studies
This program aims to develop scholars who are solidly grounded in the methods of literary scholarship. This program hopes to meet the demands of current Philippine literary studies, namely, the retrieval, annotation, and editing of primary materials, as well as the production of astute critical commentary on the same.


The MA ELLT degree is designed for teachers of English language and literature in the secondary and tertiary levels. The regular program is for full-time and part-time graduate students who can take courses during the regular semesters. The summer program (SUMAP) is for the graduate student who cannot take courses during the regular semesters.


My mom gave me the greenlight to take up my Masters' Degree, and I've always wanted to study in Ateneo De Manila University (nothing to do with the fact that it's closer to our house and my sis graduated from there). Now the question is, which course to take??

I won't deny that I want to teach, which is why I'm slightly partial to the English language and Lit teaching option. But I don't want the focus to be all about teaching-I also want to brush up on my Lit and hone my skills as a reader. I'm still confused on which to take, and I'm slightly worried that I have to go back to DLSU and get 3 recommendation forms. I doubt that my Lit professors think highly of me. *sigh*

In other news, I finally got my assignment for sg1flashfic. I'm quite pleased with what I got, and would consider writing all three. Hey, I need to brush up on my writing. I have an excuse. ;)
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Current Music:Bruce Springsteen-Secret Garden
Subject:Fic rec...
Time:12:11 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Hey whaddya know. I'm reccing a fic. It's not exactly new, it's in fact over a year old. I recently found out that one of my dear friends from the Mutant X fandom writes gorgeous Sam/Daniel fic, so I researched her at FF.net and discovered this absolutely beautiful Jack fic. It's called Killing Time, and it can be found here.

As usual, Rachel writes like a dream, and she weaves a theme about Jack and his life as a soldier so masterfully, I was in serious ache when I finished reading it. It's not slash, it's more gen but she manages to contrast Jack and Daniel with so much sensitivity on Jack's part.

Again, the fic ain't new, so you all might have read it already. But anyway...just want to share, just in case. :)
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Current Music:Live - Dolphins Cry
Time:12:36 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
I can't believe The Amanda Tapping Contest is already open for voting, and I didn't even know.

Anyway, go vote, people! It would be great if any of the Sam/Daniel nominees would win something, it would help promote our *cough* cause. Oh, and major hugs to my sister Simone for getting "Remember" nominated. ;) She absolutely hates these stuff, even rolled her eyes when I told her I nominated her for kicks, but hey, it's all for fun, ne? ;)

EDITED to add: Ok, so it seems that Simone's vid makes up the very few Sam/Daniel entries in the contest. Am I upset? Well, yeah. Fellow S/Ders, are we really that small of a fandom???
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Current Music:Yoko Kanno - Yakusoku wa Iranai
Time:12:23 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
Geez. It's raining really bad here, and I'm freaked out. There's way too much thunder. And lightning. My English is horrid, I can't even tell the difference between the two.

Ally, if you're reading this, I just want to let you know that my e-mail address nights@villanelle.net isn't working anymore.

On a more positive note, my dad bought a Michael Buble CD! Weehee! I love sitting with my dad, listening to music no one else in the family likes. We end up repeating the same old song, grinning at each other like a bunch of idiots, and then my dad narrates an old anecdote from his kid days in the barrio. Loads of fun. And Michael Buble has such a beautiful voice. I cannot believe I missed him when he had a concert here. *sob*

Oh, and to those who don't know, Michael Shanks will be guest starring again in Andromeda. WEEEHEEE!!! Let's all join hands and pray for more leather, people. ^_^
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Current Music:Tomokazu Seki & Takehito Koyasu - Bosanova Casanova
Time:07:59 am
Current Mood:blahblah
To the people on my friends list...I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on anything lately. I've been blah lately. Really blah. The Mutant X fandom has been a pain the arse for the last few days and....ugh. Blah.

Oh, *waves to katie_m and barkley* Well, I friended barkley first and since she reciprocated...^_^
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Current Music:Travis-Run
Subject:*scratches head*
Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:crappycrappy
*scratches head* Anybody want to help out an AIM idiot like me? There are a lot of people on my friends list who I want to add to my AIM buddy list, but whenever I add their screen names, it tells me that they don't exist. Am I doing something wrong??

On to Alias. I have 50/50 feelings regarding the latest Alias ep. I haven't watched it yet, though. The part of me who loves a good story feels really excited that we'll be getting some background info on Sark, but the shallower part of me feels shattered at the sight of Sark's new hairdo. *sob*

Oh, and I joined wistful_fever's SG-1 community, sg1flashfic. I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I joined it too. Hopefully I won't get a story that's too difficult to write, and that I can meet the deadline. *starts to pray* Anyway, it seems like fun, so if you haven't joined yet, go join! *push*
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[icon] snatches of color — LiveJournal
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